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DeMent Family Chiropractic & Weight Loss Center

(520) 392-7246 888 S Craycroft Rd #100, Tucson, AZ 85711 Monday: 9:00AM-6:00PM, Tuesday: 9:00AM-1:00PM, Wednesday: 9:00AM-6:00PM, Thursday: 9:00AM-6:00PM, Friday: 9:00AM-1:00PM

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HMO patients do not call us we are not providers for HMO's. HMO's severely limit what care we can give and we will not have someone in India telling us what we can or cannot do for you. If you are looking for quality chiropractic are then please call us. We have an introductory special just to the right. Our goal is to help as many people as we can to improve their quality of life, maintain their independence, enjoy their family and get back to an active life style. Back and neck pain from herniated discs, disc bulges, sciatica, stenosis and degenerative joint disease prevent many from having the life they want. To accomplish our goal, we offer the latest, cutting-edge, medical breakthrough called Non-surgical Spinal Decompression. This is a FDA cleared treatment that is a non-invasive, safe alternative to drugs and spinal surgery. We strive to make this treatment available to everyone by doing our best to remove any financial obstacles. Our professional care has helped relieve pain due to back injury, misaligned vertebrae of the spine or pinched nerve - thereby leading to a more active lifestyle. Regular chiropractic care is essential for optimum health. A properly functioning nerve system enables the body to reach its full potential in restoring and maintaining health as well as enhancing other areas of life such as job performance, academic excellence and athletic accomplishment. Serving Tucson and Southern Arizona, DeMent Family Chiropractic is located on the west side of Craycroft Rd., two blocks north of 22nd St. Satisfied Patients Speak Out! #1 The pain was excruciating! I was diagnosed with a herniated disc in my lower back and it was pinching my sciatic nerve on the right side. I was taking pain killers every 6 hours and still couldn't sleep to walk without assistance, My physician was recommending surgery. I thought, I'm 81 years old this can't be my only option. I found the information I needed online. Decompression restored my quality of life! After just 5 sessions I started to feel relief. I'm in my final phase of treatment and I'm able to do everything I did before. It feels good to be back to normal again. i enthusiastically endorse the decompression program. Thank you Dr. Scott for all your help. Jacob Van Alphen #2 "My lifestyle drastically changed last fall when my back and legs started to feel severe pain. I went through a lot of tests and found out I had spinal degenerative disc disease. This spinal disease restricted me to my home. I could not sleep in a bed and I had to use a walker. Until I came to Dr. DeMent's clinic, I had to sleep sitting up in a recliner every night. The medical doctors that I had seen told me that surgery was not an option and that my back would gradually get worse. Then I came to Tucson to see my daughter. She had found this advertisement on Craig's List about a new procedure that would not require surgery or drugs. So she told me about it and I called and made an appointment to see if I would qualify for the treatments. I have had several treatments already. I am so amazed with what has happened. I am walking better and I can sleep in a bed at night. Until I started therapy, I was taking 3 pain pills a day. Now I no longer take any type of pain pills for my back. I am so amazed by the outcome of my treatments. I know that I have to continue therapy when I go back to Wisconsin. Your friendly service and atmosphere has been such a pleasant experience and I will always be grateful to you and your staff." Muriel Petri #3 "I'm, Steve Meyers, I'm almost 70 years old, and this is my success story. When I was around 18 years old I was working for a plumbing company and injured my back lifting pipes. I went to the local chiropractor who helped, but my back was still in a weakened state. I had to be careful when lifting and working so that I did not re-injure my back. As long as I stayed with the chiropractic care I was able to work. A few years passed and I was in a significant car accident. My injuries included a herniated disc in my lower back. I went through Physical therapy and traction which did not help. The doctor recommended surgery to remove the disc and fuse my spine. I refused the surgery. Considering how bad the outcome of surgery is today I am glad that I did not get the surgery 45 years ago. Since my injuries occurred, I have seen close to 40 different chiropractors to keep myself mobile. The problem was my condition continued to get worse over time. I happened to meet Dr. Scott DeMent about 5 years ago when he took over the practice that I was a patient of. I have to say that he has helped me more than the past 40 chiropractors I had seen. You have to understand that I would come in limping and in severe pain but would leave in mild to moderate pain, still limping, which was an improvement. Doing simple things like hooking up my 5th wheel to my truck would almost cause me to be bed ridden. I was in constant pain throughout the whole day. Rarely would I have a pain free day or morning. When Dr. DeMent bought the Spinal Aid Franchise using non-surgical spinal decompression I was skeptical whether it would work or not. After all I already had traction and that did not work. The first time I went on the decompression table I knew that this was way different than anything I had done before. After the third treatment I got out of bed for the first time without a 10 minute painful ordeal. As a matter of fact my back didn't hurt at all. By the 8th treatment my days were completely pain free. Dr DeMent made sure that I did not do anything to re-aggravate my condition until the treatment was done. What can I say; Dr DeMent has given me my life back. I no longer have the pain that has haunted me for the last 50 years. Since the treatment I have put a sign on the back of my truck to tell the world how 'I Survived Low Back Pain without Drugs or Surgery.' I cannot thank the doctors at DeMent Family Chiropractic Spinal Aid Center enough. If you're thinking about surgery, DON'T DO IT until you have tried this new treatment. What have you got to lose?" Steve Meyers 4# At my 20 week ultrasound we were overjoyed to discover we were expecting another little boy. We also found out that our little fellow was happily parked in a bottom down position that is not idea for birthing. At this stage of pregnancy this is neither abnormal or cause for concern. As the weeks wore on without baby moving into a vertex (head down) position the concern started to grow. Through some online research I was able to find several natural ways to help encourage the little guy to consider giving up his recliner position for another. I started doing many of these exercises daily--after a few more weeks without any movement it was time to move on to a few of the other ideas I’d read about. One of those alternative methods was the Webster technique. Performed by a Chiropractor this form of adjustment had received rave reviews from other Mom’s-to-be in my situation. I searched for a Chiropractor in Tucson that was experienced in this technique and came across the DeMents. I emailed and received a speedy reply that encouraged me to come to their office for an evaluation. Upon my arrival I was greeted by the very helpful staff who gave me the forms I needed and answered a few questions. Dr. DeMent was very welcoming and made me feel comfortable and relaxed. We reviewed my medical history and developed a treatment plan that was accommodating to my busy lifestyle and budget. I was very impressed with how quickly Dr. DeMent was able to isolate my trouble spots during this first adjustment. I was also quite happy to notice significant and immediate relief from some hip and round ligament pain that I had previously just considered part of pregnancy. After each of my first few visits there was a noticeable increase in my baby’s movements. With the next few visits he began alternating between head down and bottom down. Shortly thereafter he moved into the appropriate vertex position and stayed there! I continued to see Dr. DeMent during the remainder of my pregnancy to ensure my pelvis remained property aligned for my labor and to keep those pregnancy pains at bay. I’m also happy to report that after twelve hour labors with both of my previous babies this time I labored for only one hour and had a birth that was not complicated by any hip or ligament pain. I recovered quite comfortably and am amazed at the difference regular chiropractic care has made in my pregnancy, labor/birth, and recovery. Overall my experience with DeMent Family Chiropractic has been extremely positive. I would highly recommend a consultation to anyone--especially a mom-to-be with a breech baby or who was simply suffering from those pregnancy aches and pains. Sincerely, Kristyn Criss

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