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Gramps' TV Repairs -- Fast and Thrifty

(443) 406-6973 North East, MD 21901 Monday: 6:00AM-8:00PM, Tuesday: 6:00AM-8:00PM, Wednesday: 6:00AM-8:00PM, Thursday: 6:00AM-8:00PM, Friday: 6:00AM-8:00PM, Saturday: 6:00AM-8:00PM, Sunday: 6:00AM-8:00PM

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Near Newark, DE. & Elkton, MD. Gramps Can Fix Anything But Congress & Teenagers. Answering calls seven days each week, and repairing all brands and types of TV's, and with special promptness within 25 miles of Newark, DE. and Elkton, MD. In-home service is a specialty of ours but TV's and stereos and all other electronic devices may also be dropped off at my home any morning after 6:00, seven days per week, just so you call ahead first. And please read more highly detailed information below. Firstly, I have a special note for you regarding modern TV sets' most common trouble "My TV simply won't turn on!" 'No-turn-on' is the trouble that folks call me about most often, So I always keep special parts in my tool kit in order to have my best chance to correct this particular trouble -- in your home, and during just one visit. Also, 'no-turn-on' is the most likely trouble to be caused by power outages and 'surges'. [Surges are sudden sharp increases in the voltage that your local power company supplies to your home.] So I have had to learn how to properly write claims and appeals to home owners' insurance companies and power companies so that they may cover any outage / surge damage costs that you suffer -- if in fact I find that your TV's failure is surge-related. So, while my sons and I repair all kinds of troubles in all brands of TV's since the 1960's, I do believe that we are also the local 'go-to-guys' for 'no-turn-on' troubles in particular; and the number of recent outage and surge-related TV breakdowns in my servicing area have been very surprising -- unprecedented in my 40+ year history -- and so damaging that the Public Service Commission and Maryland's Governor O'Malley have become very demanding recently of nearby power companies to improve their surge / outage limiting hardware and services. My super-high-tech sons and I have many dozens of the very finest references from old customers near you who will happily attest to the quality of our old fashioned carefulness and conscientiousness and maximal attention to detail, and -- most importantly -- to our ever-present awareness that you, as our customer, must always be treated in a way that we would wish to be treated if we were 'in your shoes'. Our candor regarding all charges is unmatched as to plainness and details, and in always being wholly 'up front'; and we never ever exceed a bid, and we back up all our words with writing -- usually and preferably by emails. [Please ask for such emails. It's good to have everything in 'black and white'; and please ask me about our 2 year guarantees on our completed repair jobs -- they are unmatched in being protective, plain, and meaningful.] Our minimum visit charge / diagnostic fee is always stated/written in advance and usually pays for all diagnostic work and is a very important amount to be totally clear about because it so often represents the dollars that folks invest in us in order to find out what their total dollar outlay will be. It is 'gambling money', if we should state it in its coldest and hardest terms; and it is nearly always in the range of $68 to $286 -- depending largely upon our estimation of the diagnostic time to be needed. [Diagnostic time is the amount of research time needed in order to arrive at a total job bid that you can wholly rely upon.] The 'bottom line' when it comes to our charges is that we will always be boringly detailed and wholly 'up-front'. It's a whole lot better to never have a misunderstanding than to have one that needs to be fixed. We give 5% off for seniors, veterans, teachers, clergy, folks with hardships, and police. Ditto for folks who come to me through Angie's List or any Better Business Bureau, and ditto for folks who tip me 10% for our Help-To-Homeless-Vets Program. And yes, those discounts may end up amounting to a total of 10 or 15% for some folks, and that's okay, but our customers must remember to ask for the discounts! Elsewise we too frequently forget them. A special new caution::: We must no longer invest big money in TV repairs because the prices of new TV's at stores like Walmart, Sears, and Best Buy have plummeted thanks to the recession. Also, TVs manufactured since '99 are unusually susceptible to 'latent' damages from surges -- the kind of damages that can surface to give you major troubles just weeks or months after a repair. You should pointedly ask your repair technician -- up front -- to advise you immediately if he/she determines that your TV failure was caused by an outage / surge, because you and your technician might think it to be wise to re-look at your repair options at that point. I'll close by promising that my sons and I will impress you with our disregard for formalities and swanky stuff and anything else that drives up overhead costs, so please don't throw us out when we show up in Goodwill clothes. We keep Goodwill in business. But when it comes to all the new-fangled high tech stuff that will help us to give the highest levels of competent service? We cover all that to the max. We promise old fashioned caringness and all possible new fashioned skills. Thanks for the reading. We'll work for you in a way that will make you wish to recommend us, AND to email to us a super review that we can post on the Net right next to our ad. Please see several top-notch reviews just at the end of this ad; and please be assured that we never identify you in posting such reviews on the Net, except by your initials and the name of your town. We'd have never lasted 40+ years in this line of work unless our customers became well satisfied and so then became our boosters. All the best, and expect the best from us; your best expectations help us to do our best -- and then some. Frank "Gramps" Johnson, North East, Md. "Honest Service Since The Sixties. Smart And Honest Service Since About The Eighties" REVIEWS FROM CUSTOMERS REGARDING OUR SERVICES: Dear Gramps, I am writing to express my praise for the excellent service you have given me. I wanted to thank you for the outstanding honest, personal and professional service you provided me. My 32" Flat screen TV had an issue that Best Buy, Sears and others could not repair.You came to my home and quickly and expertly found the problem and repaired it with ease at a very reasonable fair price. In an age when it is "doggy dog" and "the bottom line" along with "greed" is the norm in big business, you Gramps are a throw back to the "good old days" when men were honest, reliable, courteous and professional. I am a retired "electronic tech" who knows a "circuit board jockey" from a "technician". You are a true "Technician" You are a component level tech that pays close attention to all the details, your concern and dedication to do it right the first time is commendable. I will recommend your services to family and friends for any issues they may need repaired quickly,but most importantly,"honestly and professionally" Best wishes for continued success and good health, Sincerely, Don B Clayton, DE RESPONSE FROM GRAMPS: Many thanks for the above review, Don. It's extra super to get a great review from a fellow technician who has had decades with a scope and multimeter -- a technician whose level of expertise is known as 'component level' -- that is: a technician who is not just a TV 'board swapper', but who knows electronics theory well enough to be able to repair TV boards, and by so doing save customers a great deal of money. I want folks to know that since that repair job in 2010, you and I have become friends who swap tips frequently by email. And don't tell anybody, but the truth is that you've taught me a trick or two! I hope that other customers of mine will email great reviews to me that we can post on the net. We will never identify review writers on the net, except by your initials and the name of your town. Thanks again to Don A SECOND REVIEW: Old school business man: I called regarding an issue with my washing machine, needed to find out if it was a simple repair or if i should just get a new one. I gave him my info and he looked up the model and let me know that since it was a GE it would require a lot of disassemble so it would be better to get rid of the washer rather than waste money on a repair call. I think it was great that he was willing to give me that advice without coming to my house and charge me $100 to tell me the same thing!! N.N. of Elkton, MD. GRAMPS' RESPONSE: Thanks for this super review. The above writer seemed to be familiar with the inner workings of his washer so I thought at first that I might be able to help him to make a doityourself repair on a washer that seemed to be too old to warrant the costs of professional service. Ever since a grim recession hit in the Seventies we have always advertised that we are happy to provide no-charge coaching for doityourselfers, and folks are very appreciative and think that our coaching is an act of generosity, but the truth is that such freebie coaching has turned out to build great customer loyalty, and has become one of the best business-getters we've ever known about, so doityourselfers should never hesitate to ask us to help.Thanks again for this review. All the best, Gramps A THIRD REVIEW: Great businessman: I called about a a 12 year old refrig. leaking. He saved me a couple of hundred dollars with his free advise. It was free even though he spend a lot of time on the phone and calling me back. He is very polite and you will not be unhappy with his service. I will use him in the future and will recommend him to my friends. A. N. of Aberdeen, MD. GRAMPS' RESPONSE: Many thanks for these reviews. Many more have come to me and my sons from our TV repair customers by email, and we'll get them posted soon. Very soon all doctors and lawyers and us 'fixers' of all types will have our reputations spelled out in plain view in reviews like the above, so that folks will be able to find out all about us BEFORE hiring us. That's pure justice, right? There's nothing that beats Word Of Mouth advertising. Thanks again, Gramps Some thoughts now regarding the review that's just below: It's written by TJ from Newark DE., and his praise is absolutely 'over the top' in that it is more than I deserve, but I include it among other reviews here because TJ is a totally charming and super-positive individual who meant every word of his review. [Yep, I just called him to make sure that he and his TV are still making me look good. Yep, they are.] The job that I did for him was 9 months ago and it got my most comprehensive and most protective 2 year guarantee -- a guarantee that I hope you will ask me about, because you'll agree that it is surprisingly protective -- a guarantee that all of us should always get from every technician in every field of repairwork, a guarantee that has never been painfully costly to us, but has been of immense comfort to thousands of customers, a guarantee that -- when needed to be used -- has often benefited us greatly by teaching us exactly what extra part we should have changed to have done a better job for a customer, and to do better work for folks in the future. Long and comprehensive guarantees become grrrrrrreat educational tools for repair technicians! Please ask me to email a copy to you. It's a rare guarantee because it's truly 'bumper-to-bumper'. Please ask me also about another recommendation I made to TJ -- that he [and everybody] should have their TV power cord AND cable plugged into one of Walmart's $40 surge limiters that's rated at 3000 joules or more. That will give you your very best chance to keep Gramps away from your check book. Yep, my shop is always full of TV's and appliances that power-line-surges have damaged. Well, I'm all through with my sermons now, so here's TJ's super duper review: Gramps Is Great! I had a no turn on thing happening to my Samsung Plasma TV. Of course I was very upset, as anyone could imagine that now my expensive TV was turned into a paper weight. Well in steps Gramps, who not only was able to resolve the issue but went Far Above & Beyond with his "old fashioned service" you get more than you pay for. How often can you say that about something today? I would not only take my equipment there again I would highly recommend Gramps to anyone who has a problem with their TV. Gramps treats you like family...but in a good way." GRAMPS RESPONDS: Thanks again TJ, for this very generous review.

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